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Monday, June 2nd, 2008
2:31 am
Collector TY BEARS for sale, rare
All of the following are retired and are mint condition, I mean IMMACULATE! Some even have a protective case and tage protector. From a Smoke-Free home and never been around pets

All Beanie babies are average size, and going for $3 unless otherwise noted.


-Princess-$5 (limited edition Princess Diana Bear)
-Fortune -$5 as it is harder to find (panda)
-1999 Signature Bear

Animals -$2 each

-Gigi/black poodle
-Silver/grey striped cat
-iggy/green chameleon
-Wisest/Owl wearing grad hat
Monday, June 18th, 2007
1:16 am
please help

Please read this as it would mean alot to me personally, no its not a chainmail or anything like that. My name is Emma, I am 20 years old and live in ottawa. I have many issues in my life, I suffer from panic disorders, anxiety problems and many other issues, however something has greatly helped me through all this, and what is helping me, is going to come to an end unless I do something about it.

I am not a bible thumper by any means. I used to make fun of church goers (please dont stop reading this and say to yourself "oh its a church thing") However I have recently started going back to church. I havent gone since I was baptized 20 years ago, and I am currently going to the same one, called St. Columba. In this church it is like a family, its unline any church I have ever known. The reverend is very accepting and welcoming, I even emailed him and asked him about issued I have and what the church and he thinks about those issues including gay marriage, homosexuality, abortion, divorce, and other touchy topics. He accepts everyone. When I first started going there I thought it would be weird as we were not known but they just accepted us and as I have said, it is like a family. Its the first time I think that waking up earlier in the morning isnt a chore.

Here in lies the problem. The majority of the people that go there are over 60, and on average we have about 20 people at the church. We are being threatened of being closed down. I havent been going for long, only about 5 months, but this means so much to me. PLEASE if you could come back to church it would make all the difference in the world. It dosent matter who you are, big small gay straight, black, white. We need you. I need you.

Sunday services are at 10 in the morning and are usually an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. I think that if you give this a chance, you will find that you will feel happier. I dont know what does it, I was so skeptical when I started going, and look at me, Im a big girl, I have issues, I didnt beleive in God when I started going and I am still unsure at times, but I cannot lie when i say it made me feel good when I left. Now I look forward to Each Sunday.

Its not alot of effort, its not alot of time, please help us, help me. I dont want to go to another church, this is like a family to me. I dont want to go to a conformist attitude area, which alot of churches are like.

Please give it some thought, please.

The church is St Columba Anglican Church
24 Sandridge Road

Thank you for listening.

Current Mood: worried
Sunday, January 21st, 2007
8:45 am
New Bear Site Launched
I am just learning to use LiveJournal so I hope you will forgive me if I don't post my comments correctly.

I wanted to announce to everyone that after 1.5 years in the making I have finally launched my own Bear Chat Site. The site is FREE to join and pacs a bunch of very cool features, but let me stop tooting my own horn, go and check it out yourself.

:) Remember spread the word and tell your friends. The faster they join the faster we grow.

aka BeefQuest

BearCiti.com - Join for Free
Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
11:41 am



I got an email about a new group for bears and cubs in Ottawa called the NCRBCA (National Capital Region Bears, Cubs, and Admirers.

It seems to be a very basic group to give people the chance to host parties, post events and such without having to go through a panel of pre-selected bears, etc.

From what I can tell, that kind of thing is pretty needed around here.

I've been asked to spread the word, so why not blog it? :)

Friday, October 7th, 2005
9:00 am
I think it's pretty awesome that you've put this community together, and that it is meant to go along with the Ottawa Bears Yahoo group.

It'll be nice to have an alternative way of keeping in touch with everyone.

Looking at the list so far it seems I know most of the people, but I'll introduce myself anyway!

I'm Angus!
Wednesday, May 4th, 2005
6:08 am
Hello and welcome to Ottawa Bears!
Hello, there!

I'm Daniel, your moderator. I just got this community started, because the Yahoo mailing list is great for organising events, but it's not too good for chatting--for meeting people and seeing how much you mesh. The comment feature of LJ really is great this way.

Anyway, about me. My bear code is B1 f- t w dc- g+(+) k s- m e r p. I'm an English and Philosophy student at the University of Ottawa.

I'll post pictures of myself soon. Until then, I'll see you here!

Current Mood: optimistic
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